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Patients Are Counting On People Like You

At The BK Foundation, we strive to provide the very best rehabilitative therapeutic socialization to the socially and physically challenged. There are great costs involved in the program and our session fees do not even closely cover those costs. Sponsorship's and donations are greatly needed to keep this program going for everyone out there. Our goal is to grow our scholarship program so that we may have a fund so that we may also provide sessions either discounted or fully funded to those individuals with low income upon going through an application process. It takes a lot of love and support from compassionate people like you and we truly appreciate it.

We are so please to have Dr. Bianca Ferenczy with Park Avenue Veterinary Services on Board to help in the care of our foundation animals.   Please visit her site and help support her and her practice.  Absolutely wonderful Veterinarian that truly cares for the animals.   She practices both Modern and Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine.   You won't be disappointed.
We are very excited to be working with our newest Wellness Center in Town, Exhale Academy.   Here you will find Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Therapy by licensed Psychologist and more!   Jennifer Brighton is amazing and will be working with our foundation through the Psychology level and more.  We are so bless to have them working with us.
Please support our local Orangeville Home Depot!   They have huge hearts and they will be building our first shelter for Tye our Ambassador Friesian so he has shelter for winter.   They will be out November 11th and 12th for the building so if you can find the time and have the skills please feel free to come help them in getting this amazing gift accomplished.   We are truly blessed!
This is not the exact building but it will be something similar
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