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Patients Are Counting On People Like You

At The BK Foundation, we strive to provide the very best rehabilitative therapeutic socialization to the socially and physically challenged. There are great costs involved in the program and our session fees do not even closely cover those costs. Sponsorship's and donations are greatly needed to keep this program going for everyone out there. Our goal is to grow our scholarship program so that we may have a fund so that we may also provide sessions either discounted or fully funded to those individuals with low income upon going through an application process. It takes a lot of love and support from compassionate people like you and we truly appreciate it.

ways to support a loved one

ways to support a loved one
Going through the grueling process of recovery is difficult however with each passing day the best way for you and the person in need to better your relationship is support. These simple suggestions are steps to supporting your loved one in time of need and sanctity.
Believe in them! Create an atmosphere of trust and reliability that will strengthen over time and bring love and faith in one another.
Encourage them! Don't leave it up to them to fight through their battles because most likely they will give up on themselves. Instead, reach out and engage in their life. This will motivate them to recover.
share life! Talk about your life and share details discussing the goods that life can provide you. This will keep the other from thinking negative thoughts and possibly relapse.
challenge them! This might not seem like the best plan but it works. It allows the other to strengthen their mind and built good techniques in hard situations.
spend time with them! Try to engage in their life to fully help them recover. Be someone they can rely on in time of need.
Remember every waking moment is a harsh reality for some, being an inspiration is one in a million for those who are need of love and support. BK foundation is one of the best ways that people are trying or recovering can be apart of, The BK family can help with their activities and  therapeutic sessions, They give new lookout on life!
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